Day one

This summer in this new city has been hot, boring and so unproductive that I felt like I was going crazy, always stressing about meaningless things and spreading bad feelings all around. Then two weeks ago I've finally come to my senses and I decided that at least I had to close all my old DIY projects, just to keep myself busy waiting for some f*cking inspiration.
After hours of emotionless staring I began by removing 4 inches of dust from both my sewing machine and my work station, starting what then turned out to be a never ending hardcore sewing session.
I'm seriously drawing, hand stitching and embroidering 20 hours a day and, although I know this is also leading me to various unconscious level of madness, I'm feeling like at last I set the ball rolling.
So this blog it's all about my crazy, nonsense and bipolar crafty life.

'Nuff said.
Visual proof of the longest sleep deprivated sewing session: 72 hours.

All I need right now

Play safe, kid.

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