I knew it would happen again. New resolution, new blog and then... nothing but start negleting things once again.
Big news though: I've happily started sewing, handstitching and making things on a daily basis and I L O V E it. It keeps me happy, compliments motivate me and I started making all new kind of stuff!
I got myself some nice Japanese broquade fabric (witch I really can't wait show you what will become), all kinds of resin supplies and a nice new studio that, yeah, still need a lot of work done but it does its work just fine even now :)
I've finally updated my etsy shop with some new necklace collars, cameo necklaces/rings/brooches and Cameo cuff bracelets and I must say that I'm really proud of the new designs! I'm still working on some hand embroidered shirt collars (just got a small break to update the blog, actually :) ) wich I can't wait to show you.
Speaking of which... It's time to get back to work now but I swear I won't keep all the big news that are coming for me from now on, summer is here in the ancient Rome and my crafty side just bloom like the most fragrant of the rose.



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