The never ending felt adventure

Seriously? Two days just to find some damn light green and purple felt? More than 20km covered? 10 shops visited? And thank god I live downtown in the fucking capital.
This slowed down everything. Argh.

So, I booked my place at a Japanese market that is all about handmade goodies. I was just postponing the resservation because deep in my soul I knew that when it was done I had got no more excuses and no more time to procrastinate doing NOTHING. Mental madness led me to this just to keep me in shape since I've got so much time for my daily Carmen Electra routine.

Changing subject, a friend of mine went to Oslo some weeks ago and I nicely forced him to bring me back from his trip some candies since I'm slightly obsessed with them (and with nice packages in general).

My shrine and the new addictions to it

And this is what happens when we decide to have a party on the roof. Pictures are pre and post hangover meals.

And this is my summer madness crew (some members missed the shot though...)

Ok, back to work. Gah.

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